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Feb, 2024

Division Meeting Recap

Having a Successful Season in Hilo AYSO

As was discussed in Division Meetings, Hilo AYSO is a group project, and every person working in Hilo AYSO is a volunteer with a full plate of family, work, and hobbies. Having a successful season means that every family is involved, helping this region, your division, or your team. Attendance at the division meeting is the best way to show appreciation for all of our volunteers.

Help In Your Region

Hilo AYSO is governed by a board of volunteers. These volunteers complete essential tasks for all players and families in Hilo AYSO. Some board positions have more difficult tasks, and therefore every division and every team is required to provide a support volunteer to these board members.

These board members will reach out to their support volunteers as they are ready to work with their teams, and some may choose to work independently. Essentially, when we need you, we will reach out!

Help In Your Division

Every division must have a coordinator, field liner, event organizer (support), equipment assistant, and communication assistant. These volunteers were identified in each of our division meetings. 5u alone is exempt from the field liner requirement.
Help On Your Team
Every team has a full slate of tasks and roles that your coach will review with you at the team meeting. This includes one position to support our board member, called the “Core Support” role. Division Coordinators and division volunteers all fill this role. If this is you, please use this form to connect with your board member.

When You’ll Be Assigned a Team
Your team will be assigned in the next few weeks, as rosters are created by Division Coordinators. Once rosters are made, our coaches are going to be the point of contact for most players. Coaches will be able to call their players once they have completed training and received a roster. This process can take a few weeks – roughly Feb 19 to March 8.
Families may have requested to play with a friend; however, your Division Coordinator will not be able to honor all requests. They are responsible for balancing teams so we can all have a great season!
Coach volunteers may choose to coach together, and may choose a referee. This is a great way to keep your players together if they are good friends! Coaches will also get to set practice days. Please register to coach or referee with the information later in this email.
Coachless Teams
By email and in the division meetings, Hilo AYSO has made a good faith effort to identify coach and referee volunteers for all of our teams. In some divisions, we are still short of volunteers. We will have to conclude that there is no one more suited to coach your players than the families on your team.
eam rosters are built on Feb 19.
You will not be able to request a refund after the first games, March 9.
Please make the decision now if you will choose to stay in the season or not. Many divisions have waitlists.
Some coachless teams will have the opportunity to meet in person and choose a coach from among themselves. Some players on coachless teams will need to check with their Division Coordinator as practices approach, and may have to volunteer to coach to get started. It is up to the Division Coordinator to address coachless teams in a way that works best for them; it is not their job to provide a coach.
Waitlisted Players
We will accommodate as many players as possible, but have restrictions on space. Waitlisted players will be notified by email if we are able to accommodate them this season.
Player Expectations
Players should arrive on the field ready to participate in a safe, positive manner. Parents, not coaches, are responsible for their players’ behavior on the field. Your coach will politely let you know of any issues; take the hint and help out!
Players should bring their gear (cleats, shin guards, soccer socks) and a thermos with water to the field. It helps players to have a soccer ball at home to practice with.
Players will also need to purchase a uniform kit.
Register to Coach or Referee
Coaches and Referees are Registered Volunteers - AYSO provides background checks and online training to registered volunteers. These training programs are required in order to ensure best practices and safety for all of our players and families on the field.
Registered volunteers may request to work together, with up to 2 coaches and 1 referee on a team. Please work with your division coordinator as soon as you have a plan so they can build their teams.
Get Started - register as a volunteer in your Hilo AYSO account. To participate in games, your team needs 2 coaches who have registered and completed the online training requirements.
Registering to Volunteer - Detailed Version: In your Hilo AYSO account, find 'Volunteer' in the left sidebar. Your profile should appear. If the profile is not you, please make a new profile.
In your profile, look for the volunteer button in the top right of your viewport.

During registration, you will be asked to complete a background check. Background checks are required for all volunteers working with minors. Our background checks are completed through Sterling Volunteers.

During registration, you will be asked to complete a background check. Background checks are required for all volunteers working with minors. Our background checks are completed through Sterling Volunteers.

More on Uniforms

Players need to buy their own uniforms from If you already have a red/blue uniform set, you DO NOT need to buy a new one. 
Players only need to buy 2 uniform shirts, though they will need black shorts and black socks for game day.
These 2 uniform shirts are under "Uniform Kit"; one is red, and one is blue.
Every game day you will be either the red team or the blue team - and you will play against the opposite color. You may not play in the same color all season!

All orders should begin by clicking on the following link:

Step 1: Click the link provided

Step 2: Click "Collection" and choose Region 274 Core

Step 3: Enter your child's name

Step 4: Click "Go To Team Store"

Once you get to the Team Store, then the first thing that will pop up is the required two jersey pack for all players. If you need help with sizing, then you can click details which is right above the price listed on the item. has live sizing charts with models showing sizing based on height and weight. 

The next tab you can go to is the "Recommended" section. This has shorts, sock, shin guards, and other options that will make sure your child has everything needed for the season. You are not required to purchase anything from this tab, but has plenty of options that are needed for a typical soccer season. 

If you have any issues, then you can reach out to the Customer Service Department through email ([email protected]) or phone ( 1-800-950-1994). 

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