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Player Ratings





· Player is just starting to acquire the basic skills required to play at age-level. Player has not yet mastered them and does not use them regularly in games.


Developing Player

· Player shows basic ability with the skills presented throughout the season, and s/he can use them to a small degree during games.


Improving Player

· Player shows signs of improvement beyond a 2 level in games and in practices.

· Player my start to become proficient in some areas while still lacking proficiency in others.



· Player has acquired most of the age appropriate skills, and occasionally uses them effectively during practice and games.

· Player also understands basic positional awareness, but may not always show mastery.

· Player understands teamwork and plays effectively during games.


Increasing Player

· Player demonstrates the use skills and knowledge of the game at a level slightly higher than average but not quite above average.

· During games player rating can vary from 3 to 4.

. Player, through the use of their developing skills, begins to have an impact on the game offensively or defensively but not both.


Above Average

· Player has acquired all of the age appropriate skills, uses them consistently both in practice and in games.

· Player uses them skillfully to a higher degree than most other players.

· Player shows solid understanding of positional awareness and can play most positions effectively (Offense, midfield, defense, and goal keeper where appropriate).

· Player shows highly effective teamwork during games and makes effective use of his/her teammates (passing, runs into space, gets open for passes).


Star Player

· Player has mastered some areas of the game while being above average in others.

· Player is a strong contributor to the team and is often dictating the game on one     side of the field.


Game Changer

· Player has mastered all of the age appropriate skills, uses them consistently in practice and games without prompting.

· Player also displays skills that are higher than current age level and uses them consistently in games.

· Player is often the most effective on the field – a game-changer in key positions: Offense, midfield, defense, goal keeper where appropriate.

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